Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Thank You Letter To My Lab

Lady the Lab came to live with us two years ago.

My brother got her as a puppy.  When he got her, neither of us were married, and we were renting a house together.  I have known Lady since she was a pup.  I taught her basic obedience commands, sit, stay, down, and that was all she had the attention for.  She is a stereotypical lab.  Her personality is "hey look at that!" always happy and always getting into things.

I wanted to make sure Lady wouldn't be afraid of the blow dryer so I used to haul her into the bathroom and pet her while I blow dryed my hair.  Lady is going on 10 and she still remembers this.  If she hears a blow dryer you better believe she is coming to get pet.  As time passes situations change.  I moved out of our rental house and got married, and my brother also got married.  Lady stayed with my brother and stayed an excitable lab.

My brother got married and has two kids under the age of two.  He had a lot going on, so I offered to take Lady for a while.........and I never gave her back.  She blended in too well and my daughter fell in love with Lady.  This is my letter to thank Lady for putting up with our crazy life.

Thank you Lady for following me room to room, just in case I decided to have a snack and need the crumbs picked up.

Lady ready to snack

Thank you Lady for tolerating a toddler who loves to jump on you, "brush" you by assaulting you with a dog brush, and drag you around the house by your collar.  You are never mean to her just give her little bites with your front teeth on the top of the toddler's ears when you have had enough.  I assume this is a move a mother dog would do to a young, persistent puppy.

Thank you Lady for accompanying me to every room I go to, including the bathroom.  Even when I thought I was being "tricky" by containing the baby in her car seat while I quickly showered, you managed to muscle your way past the door and join us in this fun endeavour.

Party time while Mom showers

Thank you Lady for teaching me that even when you are in a scary situation, there is no need to act out.  I took you to the vet's office because you had an ear infection.  The whole way there, you were excited.  And I mean EXCITED!  Looking out the window, sniffing everything when we got there, wagging your tail, very excited.  When we got inside the office I thought you would get nervous, but you were enjoying the experience and trying to get everyone that walked in the door to pet you.  You were a peach for the vet when he looked at your ears, got our medicine and were on our way.  You stayed positive in a new situation and I thank you for that reminder.

Thank you for teaching me that life is short and sometimes you just need to run through the puddles.....even if it means taking a shower afterward.

Thank you for reminding me it is important to be comfortable when sleeping.

Thank you for being my workout buddy and cheering me on, although sometimes I think you are just trying to trick me into petting you.

Thank you for reminding me that sometimes you just need your best friend.  

Thank you for always being available for affection, even when I least expect it. 

Thank you for being the best dog a family could ask for.  We have had our challenges adjusting to a big dog, like the time you snuck into the food pantry and ate most of the dog food in one day. But we couldn't imagine life with out you.

And most importantly, thank you for tolerating a toddler.........