Saturday, March 28, 2020

Easter Bunny Hat

Lately the days are long, and I mean loooooooooong.  With the COVID-19 and quarantine, we have been looking for fun things to do that are not technology based.  A lot of the school work assigned is on my daughter's Chromebook.  We decided to do a fun, simple, pen and paper craft.  We made a bunny hat! 

This is super easy!  Just print, we used cardstock paper so the hat would be durable and the ears would stick up.  Plus I found some fun neon green card stock in our stash of paper, and why not make a neon green bunny?!?!  Once it was printed, we colored it.  DO NOT cut the parts out before you color it.  It is much easier to color when it is a full sheet.  Added bonus, you also do not have to worry about coloring in the lines, since we are cutting out the pieces we need.  

You can go as crazy as you like when coloring. We got a bit creative and added patterns and polka dots to our bunny.  My daughter also was super creative and added bangs to the bunny.  She cut fringes on a scrap piece of paper and added them to the bunny. Once the bunny is decorated the way you want, cut the bunny out.

There are two parts to the bunny ears, the large bunny ear is the outside, and the small inside of bunny ear part layers in front of the larger ear to give it some dimension.  You can glue, staple or tape the bunny parts together, whichever works best for you. 

When you are all done, you have a fun bunny hat to wear! Or save for a Halloween costume in October. 

Have fun making this hat.  Post your pictures in the comments and tell us about making the hat!